Steve Black, Executive Director BNI SC TX

Steve Black, Executive Director

Steve Black Executive Director BNI South Central Texas

Steve moved to Texas from England in December of 2000.  After working for a convenience store chain as a Training Director, he and his wife Lisa started their own business offering Custom Window Treatments and Window Films in the Central Texas area.  His introduction to BNI was a Visitors Day in San Marcos, Texas where he decided BNI was a great way to grow his business and signed up as a member on the spot.  "I signed up for two years, and went home and told Lisa what I had done...  it was easier to ask forgiveness than permission.  Lisa was and still is behind me 100% in everything I do."  

Steve became a Director Consultant in the Austin Region a few years later and after attending his first BNI International Conference in November 2013 came home to Lisa having decided that BNI and Referral Marketing would be his future. 

His passion for BNI, and helping business owners and professionals grow their business through referral marketing, has enabled him to be the Executive Director in the South Central Texas Region, alongside Greg Morrison, and work with companies, such as The Referral Institute, to bring networking coaching and consulting to the State of Texas. 

You can reach Steve at [email protected].

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